joe vs joey vs all the other men who's name i don't know

just so i know . . .
i know that you aren't signing any exclusivity contracts with joe any time soon . . . but how "serious" do you foresee this getting?
would you be interested in joe in a way that would stop you from cuddling and kissing other boys?
is he aware that you do cuddle and kiss other boys?

dude - and be gentle with poor joe! i saw the white boy bop he had going on at the club (in no way suggesting i am better, on the contrary, it is so recognizable because i do it too . . . well, white girl bop anyway) no offense to him, but he may NOT be the *best* salsa dancer ever. he must really like you to toss his dignity on the floor and allow you to dance all over it (which i'm guessing will happen as soon as the music starts)