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Kanara Saraswat Our Institutions
The Kanara Saraswat Association, Mumbai, founded on November 26, 1911 by thirteen enlightened members of the Chitrapur Saraswat, is leading to its centenary year 2010-2011. This is a momentous year . ....  more...
Balak Vrinda Education Society, Tardeo, Mumbai
Rural Education Society, Bankikodla Saras
Chitrapur Saraswat Educational and Relief Society, Mumbai
Saraswat Poor Student's Fund, Mangalore
Kailaje Umamaheshwar Vidya Please let us know to include them by sending us
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"This is one step further in all of us coming together electronically though. This initiative is just a small beginning in making possible what we always wanted to know all about us our people, our culture, our food, our talent, our language and ourselves. promises to share your views, opinion and more importantly all of us - across borders together.
Please let us know your thoughts on this new initiative and help us fulfill our BIG dream of being a one-stop shop of knowing and sharing in this 'aamchi' world.
Thank you for sparing time and visiting us. "
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