Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that our recruiters are frequently asked. If you have a question but don’t see the answer here, please send our Strategic Growth group a message.

What are the specific opportunities available?

The D. E. Shaw group is always looking for bright and talented people to join its team. Visit our Opportunities page to learn more about specific roles at the firm.

What characteristics does the D. E. Shaw group look for in a candidate?

For all positions, we seek candidates who can think incisively and communicate clearly. Although some roles have more specific criteria, in general the D. E. Shaw group looks for individuals who have an exceptional record of accomplishment within either academia or private industry, even if the individual’s particular background seems unrelated to our business activities.

What is the hiring process?

After you submit your resume, we will ask you to fill out an information sheet. If there appears to be a possible fit between your background and one or more of our positions, we will schedule a phone interview. If there continues to be a fit, we will schedule a series of in-house interviews, followed by the collection of references.

My academic and/or professional background seems unrelated to the activities of your firm. Are there opportunities for me?

Yes. The D. E. Shaw group has a long tradition (long, at least, for a firm that started in 1988) of hiring people who excel at something other than what we do and letting these new hires learn what they need to know after they arrive. Of course, we welcome applications from persons with a background in mathematics, computer science or economics, but we are equally interested in speaking with brilliant liberal arts graduates who are open to the possibility of a career they may never have previously considered.

What is it like working at D. E. Shaw?

Our employees wear what they want and set their own hours. We keep hierarchy to a minimum and foster an open and collaborative work environment. If you work at the D. E. Shaw group, you will have the pleasure of being surrounded by talented colleagues in an intense yet informal environment. Hear what some employees have to say about life at the D. E. Shaw group.

If I'm interested in more than one position, should I apply for all of the positions separately?

We will review each resume for all appropriate positions at the firm. As appropriate, you should indicate the specific position(s) for which you are applying in your cover letter. There's no need for multiple submissions.

Do you have internships?

Certain groups within the D. E. Shaw group offer a limited number of internships to undergraduate, graduate, and MBA students. If you are interested in such an opportunity, please submit your resume online.

Do you have any openings for “other-agenda candidates,” i.e., those who seek a day job while striving to develop a career as writers, musicians, actors, etc.?

The D. E. Shaw group has a long-standing policy of seeking talented "other-agenda" candidates. Most of our assistant-level positions are guaranteed to average no more than 40 hours per week in order to allow time to develop an outside career.