D. E. Shaw Research and Development

D. E. Shaw Research and Development, LLC and its team of leading computational chemists, biologists, computer scientists, and engineers operate under the direct scientific leadership of its founder, David Shaw.

Foremost among the group’s current research activities is a project aimed at developing a massively parallel special-purpose supercomputer combined with innovative mathematical and computational techniques to direct unprecedented computational power toward the solution of key scientific and technical problems in the fields of molecular simulation and molecular design, with an emphasis on protein behavior. The firm believes that these activities have considerable social and economic potential and the potential to facilitate important scientific advances within the fields of biology, chemistry and medicine.

In the field of drug development, such technologies could potentially augment or replace laboratory trial and error with a more “rational” drug design process that relies on advanced computational techniques to model molecular behavior. If successful, these techniques could lead to cheaper and more rapid pharmaceutical innovations and facilitate unprecedented research.